AtmoSphere - Mark Jenkins

Synth.NL is Michel van Osenbruggen whose debut CD was inspired by the subject of Formula 1 racing - so you'd have thought that tracks inspired by different atmospheric layers and cloud formations would have been a little more relaxing. Far from it - Michel find lots of turbulence and disruption here, so the swooshing and swirling noises soon give way to rolling sequences and forceful drums as well as abstract sound effects. There's more information here on different types of cloud formation than there is on the keyboards used (though lots of Korg T1 patches are in evidence) but there's a good mix of rich analog sound, sampled vocal noises giving some hints of Enigma or Enya, drum machines, rolling arpeggio patterns and choral swirls.

Possibly not such a varied album as his debut, but still an enjoyable listen.


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