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Deckard's Dream in the Studio

Deckards Dream FinishedI have liked the music of Vangelis since I heard the first tones of his Spiral and one of the most famous synthesizers he used is of course the Yamaha CS-80. I always loved that sound. Put it through a Lexicon 224 and I can play all day and feel like Vangelis. Unfortunately I never owned a CS-80 because they are very rare and very expensive. I did own a CS-50 and later a CS-60 with midi even. They come close but they do lack one thing: Polyphonic aftertouch. That is what set the CS-80 apart from every other synthesizer. So I has always been on my wish list, but it just never happened. Then I came across the Deckard's Dream project from the company Black Corporation. They have created a synthesizer in rack mount form that is heavily inspired by the CS-80. They don't want to call it a clone, but it comes so close that the rest of the world does. They both sell it a as a complete synthesizer and as a DIY kit. So I decided to build my own. I documented the whole build process. I you want to read about it you can go here:

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