Bjorn Jeppessen from the well known Danish radio show Elektroland did a very nice 30 minute Special including an interview. This show is very popular in Denmark and was broadcasted on several Danish radio stations through the ether and cable and is also available as a podcast online. The show itself is announced it Danish, but the interview is in English. I hope you will enjoy it. You can find a copy here:

Elektroland Interview (01-03-09).mp3 (English)

Chris Newman from the English radio show TDFZ Radio did another one hour special including an interview me. This time we talked a bit about my brand new 'AtmoSphere' album, my new studio but also about forthcoming projects. It is a podcast so you can listen to the whole thing. You can find a copy here:

TDFZ Interview (13-12-08).mp3

I did another interview with Terry Hawke on his show 'Night Hawke' on Harbourough FM. We talked a bit about my new 'AtmoSphere' album and also about some other projects that I was working on. You can find a copy here:

Terry Hawke Interview (22-11-08).mp3


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This was my first interview in my own language. It was done for the local radio station in my home town. It was actually the first time for me to go to a radio studio to do an interview. So far I mainly did them over the phone. You can find a copy here:

LOE Interview (28-10-08).mp3

Vicky Richardson from the English radio show Night Moves on AllFM did another radio interview with me. It was done live over the phone. I recorded it from the internet stream, so quality is not optimal, but you can find a copy here:

All FM Interview (28-05-08).mp3

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