I was asked by BIT Datacenters in The Netherlands to make a background track for their new company video. Here you can watch the video and hear the music I created in the background.


In 2014 we did a very nice family holiday in Alaska. We saw amazing Humpback Whales, Dolhins, Killer Whales, Bears and also amazing Glacier views. We filmed most of it and I compiled a video with some of the best Footage. Sorry for the shaky video here and there. It is quite hard to film with a tele lens from a moving boat ;) I put some music from my OceanoGraphy album under it to get you in the mood. I hope you enjoy it!.

I just uploaded a new video. This video was initially made for a lecture at school of my youngest daughter about the Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca). On my OceanoGraphy album I also did a track about this magnificent animal called 'Orcinus'. I put that track under this video. I decided to put this video online to promote my OceanoGraphy album that was released in 2009 by Groove Unlimited.



Apollo won the 'best international CD' price at the Schallwelle Awards in Germany. I was very happy about this and made this video to thank everyone that voted on Apollo and Synth.nl. The track you hear is called 'LaunchPad' and is the first track on the album.




In 2011 we visited Florida in the USA for our holiday. During one of our trips my wife spotted a very nice pond at the side of the road that turned out to be full of life. We spend quite some time there watching all the animals. I took my video camera with me and shot some footage that I turned into this video. The music you hear is a track called 'Chelonia' from my 2009 album OceanoGraphy. More information on the album here: https://www.synth.nl/OceanoGraphy. I made the intro and 3D CD animation in Cinema 4D. I hope you enjoy it.



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