Dutch Masters Released: February 18th 2011, By Groove Unlimited

The Dutch Master was an idea I had a while ago to promote the Dutch Synthesizer Music scene. The idea was to make a sampler CD about paintings of a famous Dutch painters with only Dutch musicians. Every artist should take a painting in mind and compose music to it. I discussed this idea with Groove Unlimited (my record label) and they were enthusiastic right away. Groove Unlimited contacted the artists and got a lot of positive reactions as well. So this project is going to happen :) There will also be one track made by me on this sampler CD of course. The CD will be released on the 18th of February  2011.



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This track will be re-released soon on the upcoming TimeTravel album.


Track info:

1 NachtWacht 7m41s Back in school I learned about our famous Dutch Masters from the 'Golden Age' and I must admit that I never really cared much for paintings, until I saw a group of actors perform a live statue version of the Nachtwacht (Night Watch) painting by Rembrandt van Rijn. After that the painting started to fascinate me more and more and I wondered what it should sound like and that is what I expressed in this track.

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