Analogy 3

Analogy 3 Cover Released: October 13th 2007, By Groove Unlimited

Analogy 3 is the third edition of an compilation album that is filled with analog synthesizer music from various artists. My track 'Synthology' was released on this album. All tracks are especially made for this album and so not released before. All tracks are mixed together as one piece. Analogy 3 was released the same date as my own AeroDynamics album. Analogy 3 is a project of Groove Unlimited. Look here for the other artists:



This track is only a low quality mp3 sample. The CD holds only 1 track by



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Track info:

1 Synthology 04:56 A track that will go on a compilation CD together with other artists that comes out every year with only analog synthesizer music.

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