The musician behind Synth.Nl is the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen, who started recording music for his concept album "AeroDynamics" in 2006. Although I can.t say the cd-cover to it is that attractive to me, the twelve tracks on the disc speak their own language. It's a nice collection of mellow-melodic pieces with proper portioned rhythms which all sound very honest and open. They are not that fancy, but still well done, sometimes even slightly leaning towards techno/dance kindred music, this due to his fast sequencing style.

Especially the first half of the cd creates a very nice mellow and relaxed mood, in which the energizing sounds of racing cars and machines pass by in the sound spectrum. "Modena" is a weak track in my opinion, lacking composition and sounding a bit too simple compared to the others, although the title track coming after it isn.t that strong either. Nevertheless, is a welcome name in the genre of electronic music, as I.m sure lots of fans will be pleased by his straightforward and warm sounding music. (Remixing and mastering credits go out to no other than Ron Boots)


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