This release from 2007 offers 68 minutes of fleet electronic music. is Michael van Osenbruggen. Energetic electronics flourish here, creating engaging tunes peppered with sliding punctuations and chugging rhythms. A versatility is present in the electronics. Airy textures roil at the edges, evoking the impression that each song is zooming along. Crystalline chords swirl with jubilant resolve, generating a mood of amiable comfort. Sharper riffs are triggered by nimble-fingered keyboards, establishing an invigorating effervescence.

Deeper tones are utilized to provide a grounding element for the rest of the sounds, enhancing the overall sense of determined movement. The snappy percussion helps to maintain the melodies constant motion, allowing no pause in the breathless flow. The rhythms are tastefully integrated into the mix in a manner that renders the beats into a contributory role rather than a driving force. This generation of this music was inspired by van Osenbruggen.s interest in racing cars and swift aircraft. A sense of velocity is dominant in the compositions. Bouncy melodies are established and then seasoned with sprightly embellishments that expertly communicate an aerodynamic quality to the listener. While speed plays a factor, the music is not hyperactive, transmitting rapidity through emotional impact instead of a frantic pace.


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