A Ferrari over Mars! How does it sound to you? Syncopate rhythms which roll on beautiful involving sequences! Does that interest you? Here AeroDynamics, the 1st opus from the Dutch synthesist Michel Van Osenbruggen. As much to say it first, you won.t find complex sequences, nor long atmospheric passages. No, Synth.nl is from Jean Michel Jarre (new grinding) school, Moonbooter and a punchy zest of Kraftwerk. So rhythm, lot of rhythm with solid percussions on unbridles sequences.

With a title like Scuderia, we are not surprise to hear tires bitten vacuum as intro. The tempo is easily install on beautiful stroboscopic sequences and a synth with spacey atmospheres, which encircle a musical setting worthy of the last Jean Michel Jarre. Involving and percussive, Scuderia represents perfectly the musical mood that follows with the 12 other titles on AeroDynamics. Superb melodies with sequences animated of sensuality like Downforce, Stall and AirFlow, are scattered among strong nevrotic impulses such as Drag, Turbulence and Falcon. Admittedly, there are moments with strange and doubtful atmospheres, as the title track, Modena and Lift, but they are quickly packed of frantic tempo which strikes the walls from their jerked effects and musical resonance, though Lift remains rather quiet compared to the remainder. Simple, but brilliantly effective, AeroDynamics is an album of EM which revolves between the zones of a moderate Techno and short floating ambiances which encircle syncopate tempos, sometimes unbridle. If you like an intelligent music which strikes audacity neurotics sequencers, Synth.nl's AeroDynamics is simply indicated to you.



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