I just finished reviewing a very dark ambient album, and was in need of a fast antidote. I quickly reached for the new disc by new talent Synth.nl, a Dutch musician by the name of Michel van Osenbruggen. I had already listened to it a couple of times, and knew that it would be the perfect way to get my energy back. This is totally fun, upbeat, optimistic music. The album's title derives from van Osenbruggen's love of planes, cars, and other aerodynamic phenomena. We get to hear race cars whizzing by in the opening seconds of the opening track, 'Scuderia'.

Bass synth pulses and skittering percussion set a light tone as bright glassy electronics ensue. Synth.nl lists Jean Michel Jarre as an influence, and that is felt and heard here, a really fun way to start the album. 'DownForce' cools things down with a relaxed, easy listening number. The emphasis throughout is on catchy melodies and rhythms, presented in a way that goes down easy.' Many are playful, such as the bouncy 'Maranello'. Some slow things down a bit, like the relaxed tunes 'Drag' and 'Stall', whereas others keep things moving briskly such as fast-paced sequencing of 'SuperSonic', 'Turbulence', and the particularly ebullient title track. It would be virtually impossible to be down while listening to AeroDynamics.


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