Michel van Osenbruggen is the man behind the name Synth.nl. Here's a relative newcomer to the music scene since he only started making music in 2005. He's been influenced by a lot of the big names in synth music such as J.M. Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk etc. AeroDynamics is inspired by the aero dynamics of both cars and planes; these inspirations can be found in the liner notes which have a brief description of the background to each track. Watery percussion and the whine of Formula One racing cars zooming by are our intro to the album in 'Scuderia'.



A build up of volume and intensity leads into the main passage of rippling sequencers and energetic melodies. All the tracks are rhythmic sequencer based, ranging from adrenalin inducing pieces such as .Scuderia. to the slightly chilled out .Stall.. The hum of a propeller alongside chittering percussion begin this piece before a pleasing melody comes in winding across the soundscape while pads and other sonic accessories fill out the backdrop. I particularly like the free feeling of this track as though one is in a light plane playfully swooping around the sky. The title track 'AeroDynamics' is one of the racier foot tapping tracks with lots of fast percussion and rhythms. The overlayed melodies aren't anything special but help the musical momentum. In the slower interludes electronic music aficionados may notice a refrain which is surely a nod to Vangelis's Heaven and Hell. AeroDynamics is enjoyable but one of those albums where no track really stands out, yet it doesn't contain any bad pieces either. This music is brighter than much of the sequence based offerings from the Groove label, and in this respect reminds me of Indra's upbeat work.

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