This has to be one of the best EM cds of the year, no doubt. First track very reminiscent of JMJ, the rest, JMJ on steroids, the music that is. I also put David Morleys : Ghosts up there with this one as well as Create: Space Time Continuum, and FSP: Gent, Brendan Pollard: Flux Echoes, i know i missed alot others but just to give you an idea. Sound production and mastering have to be amongst the best i have ever heard. Michel did a fascinating job, building each track into something spectacular, but each piece is different in its own. Everything from the sequencing, drum programming, synth solos , f/x, and sampling are all excellent, you would think he made 20 cds by now, considering the high quality put into this project.

Some EM these days lacks quality, you obviously can tell when someone puts their heart and soul into a project like this and Michel certainly did. Great Job Michel


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