Hi Michel! "Aerodynamics" came in the mail today, and I LOVE IT! I'd like to start by saying that there is not one good track on this entire CD. They are all EXCELLENT! It has been a long time since I have been this excited about an album/CD. Every track on 'Aerodynamics' is bursting with energy. The theme of the CD is the aerodynamic aspects relating to planes and race cars, etc., and I find the liner notes to be very interesting. There are twelve tracks in all, and there is a brief description of every piece, what inspired it, and even an education of the aerodynamic terms that are used for titles, which I find to be quite interesting. There is also a brief bio of Michel van Osenbruggen -a.k.a. Synth.nl- and a short description of where the theme of the album came from.

Every CD should come with an insert like this one, and the album cover artwork is nothing short of phenomenal. Also, it comes packaged in a nice hard-plastic case. I like that. There are no slower pieces on the entire sixty-eight plus minutes of 'Aerodynamics', as they would not be in keeping with the theme. That's OK though, as every piece on the CD is polished to *PERFECTION,* and the stereo surround sound is exactly as it should be. I have NEVER before heard surround sound production quality like this. Ever. The sounds and tone colors used by Synth.nl are those that can only be produced by a synthesizer, i.e. there are no samples of acoustic instruments present here, which personally I like. Synthesizer music in it's truest form.


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