And from the truly inspired imaginings of (aka Michel van Osenbruggen), we have the debut album worthy of some praise and appreciation. I love the very wisely selective use of sequencers and inserts... there's a love of music here that stretches right back to the heart of the late seventies/eighties and comes skipping relentlessly back to now. Production is rather neat indeed and I know as a MySpace Flight Commander, Michel is adored by the electronic consuming masses! Watch out for the Jarre reflections; they're well composed and arranged and make you want to take a nice long break to the other half of the sky where this album originates from. My favourite little pieces of magic are delivered in the form of 'Scuderia', 'DownForce', 'AeroDynamics', and 'Falcon' (an appreciation of my kind of avionics!).

In fact... Falcon is my all time favourite so far... but the other tracks I didn't highlight are gnawing at me for a second play! I love this album and I do not care what anyone else has to say.. It's mine now... all mine... Thanks Michel!


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