is new in the world of Electronic Music. Behind this modern and recognizable artist name is the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen. On his first album 'AeroDynamics' he manages to mix two of his big passions into a very interesting musical whole: Formula 1 racing (well, Michel doesn't race himself but he watches the races with great love and anticipation) and Electronic Music. The 12 tracks on 'AeroDynamics' are not only inspired by cars but also by planes where Michel has a special feeling for as well (he was once an F16-mechanic), especially the aerodynamics of the machines. Cars and planes go fast. 'Fast' is also an idea the listener to 'AeroDynamics' might have because most of the compositions have a certain 'drive'. The music is rhythmically done cleverly and played with much emphasis on melodies. Let's say, this could be the music that Jean Michel Jarre might have created nowadays.

That can be heard very well on tracks like 'DownForce' that has a great base melody, 'Drag', 'Turbulence' in which also modern day Tangerine Dream greets and 'Modena' that has an euphoric overall feeling. In the relaxing 'Stall' the rhythms are scaled down a little. In contrast, fans of danceable music are also invited to 'AeroDynamics' because a lot of the numbers have moments where the feet cannot be held on the ground. Within the world of Electronic Music which is primarily one of ambient and Berlin Schoolsequences, Michel's work is a welcome new and fresh style.


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