This release from 2008 offers 71 minutes of pleasant electronic music. is Michel van Osenbruggen. He is joined by Hans Landman, who plays most of the lead lines in one track. A study of the planetary atmosphere, voyaging from the ground to outer space and examining the various cloud formations and weather conditions that dwell within that gas envelope. One might expect this music to be airily ambient, but it possesses a suitable degree of rhythm and lively melody. The electronics exhibit a chugging quality, comprised of cyclic pulsations that churn amid a foundation of atmospheric textures. Keyboard triggered riffs float with undulant disposition. What seems to be an elegant simplicity in structure is actually a pleasant complexity achieved as the sonic threads intermingle and merge into a pacific flow. Most of the sounds are light and airy, excellently conveying a sense of gaseous certification.

There are instances wherein deeper tones are employed, injecting a touch of drama to the fanciful whimsy. E-perc defines languid rhythms which provide soothing locomotion to the melodies. The beats are soft and understated so as not to disrupt the music.s delicate character. Environmental samples of a meteorological nature are utilized to lend the electronic pastiches a terrestrial flavor. These compositions manage to be simultaneously spry and calming. The activity found within these songs displays a meticulous restraint, never going overt or reaching a hyperactive pace, while the passivity is deceptively lush, exploring melodic realms too substantial to be considered ambient. The result is a selection of affable tuneage crafted with delicate intentions.


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