Behind the modern and recognisable artist name is the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen. On his first album 'AeroDynamics' he managed to mix two of his big passions into a very interesting musical bag: Formula 1 racing (watching) and electronic music. 'AtmoSphere' is again a concept-album. The twelve songs are inspired by the different layers of air around our world; the various cloud formations that are encountered in these layers, and the sounds of different weather phenomena. The album opens in 'Troposphere' with a slight homage to the great artists that came before him, like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. 'Cumulonimbus' has a wonderful film-like melody. The mentioned drive can be heard very well in pieces like 'Stratocumulus', 'Nimbostratus', 'Altostratus' and 'Thermosphere' that again could have been made for a film. Michel is also capable of creating some great sequences. That can be heard in the warm 'Cirrostratus' and 'Exosphere'.

He has a nice and fluent playing style. It is a wonderful thing to hear that artists are developing themselves. Michel certainly does. With the approach of mixing electronic music with clever concepts, he might become an important name in 'EM'.


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