One thing is for sure, has a great website dedicated to his music. Michel van Osenbruggen offers you plenty of material to learn more about his project. An extensive biography, download links of interviews (with audio from both his releases), behind the scene pictures / stories of his huge studio packed with impressive hardware, links to different blogs with more detailed info and links to other artists (a very interesting list). It is really worth to pay a visit. Influenced by 80s synthesizer music, most inspiring artists are among his top friends on Myspace. To name a few: Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro. started composing and producing music in 2005. The first album .Aerodynamics. was released in 2007 and dealt with the aerodynamic aspect of racing cars and airplanes. For this second album inspiration came by the atmosphere around planet Earth. The songs are inspired by the different layers of air around the world, the different cloud formations that are encountered in these layers and the sounds of different weather phenomena. Sampling a lot of sounds himself (thunder storms, rain, wind etc), proves again the man puts a lot of effort in producing his music. It is recommended to listen to the album using headphones and for sure you will be grabbed by the beautiful, modern sounding, floating synthesizer sequences. This music sounds retro futuristic, cosmic, melancholic. It took me quite a while to spot the most outstanding songs on the album. At first sight it seems the album is one elaborated dream sequence, but after a few listening sessions I was able to pick out my favorites. Strikingly enough it were the tracks with the more prominent 'lead' melodies: 'Stratosphere' and 'Thermosphere', although 'Atmosphere' is built up with beautiful chords as well. The cristal clear sound quality is highly relevant for this kind of music and without a doubt gathers its place among the bigger names in synthesizerland.


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