People can express themselves through art. Art exists in many ways: painting, sculptures, poetry, film, dance, music, etcetera. There is a link between all these artforms and on many occasions artists are influenced by other forms of art. Groove Unlimited combines Dutch masters of painting with Dutch masters of electronic music. In a way, making music is also a form of painting with sounds. A fine initiative that can be regarded as the follow-up of the I-series. Ten musicians choose a painting they are influenced by of/and feel connected to.

The album opens with perhaps the most well-known Dutch painting: "Nachtwacht” of Rembrandt, put into music by (Michel van Osenbruggen). It is a quiet Vangelis-like piece with fine piano melodies. His music grows and grows.

Remy follows with sequences that are built up slowly and with a great atmosphere in Ascending And Descending from M.C Escher. It is always nice to hear Gert Emmens music. His "Muurhuizen” (Anton Pieck) shows his typically sequences and soloing. Eric van der Heijden describes Vincent van Gogh’s ”Nuit Etoilee Sur Le Rhône” with his romantic approach (also a bit like Vangelis) and pointy solo’s. We haven’t heard much lately from Void (Danyo Romijn). His “Temptation” (Mathias Grünewald) has traces of the melodically side of Jean Michel Jarre. René Splinter is a big fan of Tangerine Dream. Especially their music from the early eighties can be heard in his “Tower Of Babel” of Pieter Bruegel. Bas Broekhuis’ music is always special and it is a pity he doesn’t make more solo-albums. Forrest Machines - Wuivend Riet- not to be confused with the piece of the same name by Johannes Schmoelling-)” is a recognisable Broekhuis-composition with lots of rhythm, craftful sequences and Roland D50 strings. The perhaps biggest Dutch Master is Ron Boots. His "Tuin Der Lusten” (Hieronymus Bosch) is an experimental track with a modern orchestral side that captures the painting very well. René van der Wouden comes with strong sequences in “The Zeppelin” of Carel Willink. Meesha (Misha in better Dutch…) is a relatively new talent. In ”Back To Square One” he brings a wonderful piece of music with traces Jarre.

The “Dutch Masters”-project has proven that it is very well possible to mix two artforms into something special. Now, let us switch turns and ask painters to make a painting inspired by music from the best electronic musicians from The Netherlands… This must become an exiting challenge!

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