The fine electronics Bjørn Jeppesen aka Nattefrost presents on "Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon" album are of a groovy but also spatial nature. The album offers a nice assemblage of attractive sequencer patterns, contemporary sounds and textures, all glued together into catchy instrumental compositions which set things in motion from the first tracks on. Did he already previously collaborate with Robert Schroeder, this album sees him work together with Matzumi (a.k.a. the German musician Kathrin Manz) on "Die Kinder Der Erde" and (a.k.a. Dutch composer Michel van Osenbruggen) on "Close Encounter". Especially the latter piece is a strong and expressive effort offering a beautiful marriage of sequencers and appealing melodic lines.

All in all, Mr Jeppesen knows how to aptly pull off an attractive bunch of electronic music on this release, although I can’t accustom to the dull and amateur-sounding final track "My wake-up" nor his modernized version of the classic piece "The Swan" by Camille Saint-Saëns (which was already featured on "Live in Germany").


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