This release from 2009 offers 73 minutes of pleasant electronic music. Synth.NL is Michel van Osenbruggen. Aquatic textures waft beneath airborne electronics, bouncy keyboards and stately rhythms to craft pleasant tune age. The electronics are gentle and achieve a balance between dreamy and mildly energized. A versatile array of sounds is utilized, resulting in depth as well as scope. Sweet chords coexist with bass pulsations, producing a well-rounded sonic palette. Keyboards generate pacific melodies through constant key manipulations, relying only minimally on loops. A persistent stream of engaging riffs is delivered, displaying emphasis on compositional dedication over technological repetition. The rhythms maintain a steady locomotion but without becoming too overt. A temperate pace is established. The beats are un intrusive but possess enough substance to lend complementary oomph. While these compositions are all devoted to aquatic elements, that doesn't mean they're all flowy and low-key.

That temperament is found in some of the pieces, but other tracks exhibit a degree of understated intensity. These floating melodies are nicely seasoned by spry embellishment, and this state of animation is held in tasteful restraint to keep things affable yet engaging.


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