Behind the modern and recognizable artist name goes the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen. 'OceanoGraphy' is his third album after 'AeroDynamics' and 'AtmoSphere'. Michel is somebody who not only creates music, he also thinks about the world surrounding him. The music of brings this together. 'OceanoGraphy' is inspired by the Earth oceans and the creatures living in them. This album is a journey into the deep waters of the oceans. That is something else than a lot of other electronic music-albums that bring us into deep space. The album is endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund that receives a part of the revenue of the cd. The albums opens with 'Antartico'. It is a big sounding piece with a wonderful theme that almost has traces of Vangelis but -in case of melody- also of Michels fellow Dutchmen Peru (remember them?). His music has many faces but in general it has an excellent structured melodical sound that almost has traces of progressive rockmusic. 'Baleanoptera' is a fine example of this. Also, there is a somewhat melancholy thought put into the music.

His manages to come with some great synth soloing. Just listen to 'Atlantico'. The heavy symphonic grandeur of Vangelis can be heard again in 'Carcharodon' and in the brilliant 'Indico'. In the positive sounding 'Megaptera' sounds of whales are included in the music. The melody here is very nice. Michel should be capable of making film music. For instance, the title track is very imaging. 'Tursiops' again has a simple but very uplifting melody. On 'Artico' and the menacing 'Orcinus' there is a slight hint of Jean Michel Jarre. The music on 'OceanoGraphy' is somewhat more quiet than on his first two cds but on 'Chelonia' and 'Pacifico' the rhythms from these albums can be heard. Again, mixed with traces of the Greek grandmaster. Michel is a great talent who, with 'OceanoGraphy', clearly has put himself in the bigger league of electronic musicians. And the statement he makes on this album is one that only must be appreciated and followed.


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