'OceanoGraphy' is the third release of Synth.nl, aka Michel van Osenbruggen, who got inspired by the earth ocean's and the many sea creatures living in them. The 12 cinematic and melodic tracks with lots of well-chosen environmental sounds clearly show a further refinement of his skills and sounds, creating a nice feel-good atmosphere and open space to dwell in. 'Antartico' starts out nice and very smoothly, carrying a certain Frank VanBogaert-like edge with its warm, encompassing sound, after which the other tracks continue the sonic voyage with catchy sequencing, clear solo voices and thick-layered synth layers. The expert mastering by Ron Boots gives an extra dimension to this well-executed work of spacious mood music, which occasionally contains elements of Jarre and Vangelis. I have not doubt this music will be embraced and liked by lots of EM-fans. Mission well accomplished, Michel!

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