First of all a Happy New Year to you all! To start the year of I made video of some nice footage we shot on our 2014 family holiday in Alaska with some music from my OceanoGraphy album. I hope you enjoy it!.

I recently did a very nice interview with about my studio and my music. I also made some new pictures for them to go along with the interview. One thing I also tell in the interview is that I removed the studio part on my Synth.NL website. I will try to keep you updated from time to time on my blog at,about the studio so be sure to subscribe or look there once in a while.


You can find the interview on this URL: I hope you enjoy it.

Long time since I wrote on here. Sorry about that. I'm very busy rebuilding the studio at the moment. You can check my blog if you like to read on the progress on that project. For now I'm nominated again for the SchallWelle awards. Together with Remy Stroomer this time with our collaboration album 'PrimiTiveS'.


You can find Remy & in: Artist 2013 international
And PrimiTiveS in: Album 2013 international

Bring out your votes (also the simple instructions are explained here):

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it of course).

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