AeroDynamics 2007Just like I announced previously for my second CD AtmoSphere from 2008, my debut CD AeroDynamics is also almost out of stock. There are only a couple of copies left. AtmoSphere was reprinted recently and I presume Ron will do the same for AeroDynamics, but I'm not entirely sure about that, since we are also working on the Download Shop now. It is up to him. But of course it is nicer to have a physical copy from the very first batch I guess :) If you don't have this CD yet do take a listen. It is a bit different from my current work, but some people still consider it to be my best. You can find more information on AeroDynamics on You can also listen to a few samples there.

Facebook PageRecently I opened a new page on Facebook for You will find all articles that I posted about my music, my studio or synthesizers on here. You can also find older articles and things that other people write about me. You can find the new page on Please note that everything that is posted here that is not related to will be removed. If you are on Facebook you can also send me a friend request on my personal page if you like. If you don't have (or want) Facebook there are of course other ways to stay in touch as well. Read all about them here:

This is an overview of the 3D Animation work I did in the last year. I tried to make a little compilation that shows a good average of what I can do. All animations were made in Cinema 4D. The music I put under it is the track 'Apollo 9' from my 2011 Apollo album. More information about Apollo here: More information about my graphics work here:

AtmoSphereA while ago I reported that there were only 3 AtmoSphere CDs left. Those ones were sold quite quickly as well. My record label Groove Unlimited was so kind to do a reprint of AtmoSphere, because there were more people interested. So I have good news. There are another 300 copies of the physical CD available. You can buy them directly from Groove Unlimited. AtmoSphere was my second solo album and was originally released in 2008. You can find more information about the album and the sales links on You can also listen to some clips there. It is also available as mp3 download from Itunes, Amazon and CDBaby by the way if you prefer that format.

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